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Runderneuerter Beogram 4002 

Holz: Smokeed Oak

Vorhandener Beogram 4002 komplett erneuert mit neuem Holz, Haube, Elektronik. Im Showroom in Thalwil

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Mehr Infos

Launched in the 1970s, the Beogram 4000 series turntables defined the aesthetic of an era: becoming a classic with music lovers, collected by art museums and included in design history books. Its influence can still be seen and heard today.

We wanted to revisit the Beogram to celebrate how – even as music and technology continue developing – there are unchanging values which make a product beautiful and unique. Values that have held true at Bang & Olufsen since 1925.

Bang & Olufsen’s Beogram 4000c Recreated Limited Edition sources 95 original units of this most iconic of turntables – marking our 95th year of creating remarkable experiences – restoring them for contemporary sound systems, while maintaining the timeless spirit at their core.